Preparing your child for school, madrassa & life

Learning Through Play

  • Holistic development including, cognition (language, math, life skills), social, emotional, and most importantly spiritual ( based on the beautiful deen of Islam)
  • Uncovering the hidden potentials and talents
  • Inspiring young minds to prosper in all spheres of their lives


Assa Lamu Alaykum Warahmatullaahi Wa Barakatu

In the name of Allah, with much love and gratitude we wish you a hearty welcome to the Boorhaanol Nursery and Pre-primary school. Your child’s home away from home. Collectively, the management board, teaching and support staff endeavours to ensure quality day care in a safe, sound and loving environment.As baby take his/her first breathe and we as parents realize what a gift we have been bestowed with, we start to plan the future of our little bundles of pure joy. Knowing that this is our precious gift from Allah/God, that has to be nurtured and given as much love and care as we possibly could.

Keeping the above foremost in our minds, the Boorhaanol Nursery and Pre-primary make it our core focus to ensure that your child will acquire all the necessary emergent skills that will build a foundation for the love of learning for many years to come. The key in any early learning programme is that it must be fun, fun, fun. How do we have fun, we PLAY, or so we say… Learning through play is what pre-school is all about.

We are grateful that you are taking the time to see what we have on offer.
At all times feel free to ask if you have any queries, our door is always open.

The Boorhaanol Vision and Mission

Our Motto: "Preparing your child for school, life and Madrassah"

The Boorhaanol nursery and pre-primary aims to prepare all children in their care holistically. We nurture, educate and teach knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to children from 18 months to 6 years of age. Incorporating their race, culture and religion and ensuring that they are school ready in all spheres of development. These spheres includes: physical development, intellectual/cognitive development, language development, social development, emotional development and spiritual development (based on Islam).

We will expose the learners left in our care to all facets of life, including practical and environmental issues. We will introduce them and expose them to a variety of scenarios both concrete and abstract.

We will ensure that all this is achieved in a fun, loving, safe, secure and playful manner.


The Boorhaanol School is a project of the Boorhaanol Islam Movement.
It was established in 1970 with the objective of preparing children for school, life and madrassah.The main educational objective is to develop the child in totality (holistically), being the social, cultural, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional development of the child. Such total development of the child does not take place in a cultural vacuum; hence the cultural base of the School is ISLAM.

The pre-school is registered with the Department of Social Welfare as well as the Western Cape Education Department.

Apart from an offering excellent pre-school service, we also have a fully functional primary school aftercare facility that includes a nutritious meal to the aftercare learners, a full Madrassah programme, 4 days of the week and daily, if time allows a homework period. We also offer specialised life skills programme to our primary school aftercare learners on a Friday.

We offer a full developmental early learning programme by using an integrated combined learning system consisting of educational theories of Piaget, Montessori, the National Curriculum Framework of South Africa as well as the CAPS system of the Western Cape Education Department.

The best of the educational theories are selected and used to design our own personalised educational system incorporating the deen of ISLAM. Our key focus is the outcomes. I.e. ensuring your child has gained all the emerging skills for reading, writing and math for secular school. At the same time ensuring we have developed their psyche to cope with the social and emotional stresses of secular school as well as developing their faith to ensure spiritual and cultural awareness.

How do we achieve our mission?

We have 4 dedicated pre-school classes with qualified ECD Teachers managing the class

Our class sizes is maxed at 20 learners per class with two teachers if the class size is more than 15

Alternate programmes such as Surah Reading, Brain Gym, Specialized Breathing and Yoga are incorporated into our daily programme.

Special attention to learners who do not follow the normal ages and stages milestones.

Including all the important basic concepts to ensure your child know ISLAM. E.g. surah faatigah, Kalimah, basic duahs, thikr, positions for wudu and salaah. Prophets etc.

We offer delicious and nutritious home cooked meals to all our learners.

We offer a variety of extra murals including:

Computers | Karate | Swimming
Soccer Starz | Speech and Drama | Ballet

We offer monthly or bi- monthly educational excursions that allow your child to experience concepts taught in class and just relax and have fun.

We train and prepare them for different performing arts shows such as a Moulood Programme a Sports Day as well as an entertaining school concert.

All of the above are monitored and evaluated through continuous assessment.

Assessment reports are issued to parents twice per year.


The following five classes/groups are offered

Level 2

This entry-level class caters for children from the age of 18 months to 2.9 years. Children still on the nappy are also welcome in this class. Only 15 children are accommodated in this class where a qualified teacher and an assistant are in attendance

Level 3

This class caters for the 3.5-4.5 year olds. A maximum of 20 children are provided for under the supervision of a qualified teacher and an assistant are in attendance.

Level 4

This class caters for children between the ages of 4.5-5.5 years. A maximum of 20 children are provided for under the supervision of a qualified teacher. Level 4 is a development class that officially prepares children to go to a Grade R class of the parents’ choice

Level 5 (Grade R)

This is the an official primary school class and is the first class of the foundation phase as required by the WCED. The class is registered with the department and prepares children for Grade 1, based on the expected outcomes as stipulated by the WCED. It caters for 15 learners with a qualified Teacher.

Each of the four classrooms is furnished with the necessary equipment to provide the best environment for learning. The following areas are presented in the classroom:


In this area the children use various art materials to create what they have seen or imagined.


This area becomes the centre for make-believe. It can be turned into a hospital, post office or even a supermarket, so that the child gets an opportunity to explore.


This area provides an opportunity for the children to work alongside their peers, solving problems through puzzles and games.


A special area for the children to explore books and its secret world.


An area that provides the child an opportunity to construct using wooden blocks and the process learn spatial concepts.


Learning through the selected theme of the week.


Muhsina Benito

Level 5 Class Teacher

Nuraan Omar

Level 4 Teacher

Zubeida Cummings

Level 2 Teacher

Kauthar Abrahams

Muallimah and Level 3 Teacher

Mustapha Amod


Zubeida Adams

General Assistant

Yusrah Salaam

Office Administrator

Ruweida Williams

General Assistant


Akbar Allie


Abdul Muhaiman Bassier

Finance Manager

Mohammed Groenewald


Nuha Dramat


Shabnam Modack

Class rep

Imrah Daniels


Administrative Requirements


The School is open to ALL children (irrespective of their religious background) between the ages of 18 months and primary school-going age. The School reserves the right to approve and disapprove applicants for enrolments.


Application for enrolment must be made on an application form available from the Boorhaanol House, Almonda Lane, Cape Town; or obtained through our website or emailing the Principal, or

An application form must be completed and addressed to the Principal, as above, before the child could be considered for enrolment. A deposit equivalent to the first months fee is payable at acceptance of the placement. This will be toward the school fees, but is non-refundable if the placement is cancelled after acceptance.


In the case of more than one child of a nuclear family being registered at the Boorhaanol Nursery School at the same time, one child shall pay the normal fee, and the additional children pay 5% less than the normal fee.


The Boorhaanol Nursery School is a Full and Half Day facility, operating Mondays to Fridays between the hour’s 07h30 and 17h30 strictly. The half-day facility operates from 07h30 to 12h30. The period between 08h30 and 12h30 is considered the Prime Education Time. All children registered at School are expected to be present at the school during these hours.


The School is closed on ALL public holidays and Eid days; and is closed for vacation for a period of one month per year, with such a vacation period commencing during December.


Educational excursions will be undertaken on a regular basis throughout the year. Parents will be informed timeously of dates, times and costs involved and their written consent will be required. CONSENT FORMS are issued on registration in the New Year.


Parents are required to attend all Parents Meetings. . Parents are also always invited along on school outings. Parents wil receive a newsletter on a termly basis. The newsletter is the schools communication tool, which will inform parents of events and activities happening at the school. This newsletter will also be distributed electronically via WhatsApp Messenger


Social Media

WhatsApp group.
We kindly ask parents to keep the communications limited to school related issues. .

Facebook page
This can be used as a forum for parents to interact.The page is administered by a parent.


Once a term we publish a newsletter, informing parents on what is happening at the school or anything relevant to the school's growth.We also request various items or donations from parents. We list the upcoming birthdays, upcoming events, and upcoming outings and feature tips that will assist you with your parenting skills.

We go on a school outing at least once a month. We also have a number of special events scheduled for the year. We request that parents budget anything between R 60 – R120 for these outings or events.

PIS (Parent Involvement Sheet)

The parent involvement sheet is published once a month and covers the themes that will be taught for that month. Our curriculum is designed on various themes that we cover for the year. Parents are an integral part of their child’s skills development from an early age. The PIS as it will be referred to, is our way of guiding you the parent on how you can further develop various skills needed before they get to primary school. We encourage full participation as it is of tremendous value for your child.

Telephone, email, office visit

You may email the principal with any queries, suggestions or request on:
We will respond as soon as possible. You may also use the school’s email address:

Madrassah at Boorhaanol

Madrassah (Teaching of Islam based on Quraan and Sunnah) is incorporated in our daily programme. All the basic duahs, morals, etiquettes of a Muslim are part of the daily programme. In addition to this we offer a one hour Arabic reading programme per class each week to ensure that your child get the skills necessary to read the Holy Quraan. Teacher Kauthar is our Mualimah for this programme.

The time table for each class is listed below. The classes are offered as follows: Level 3 and 4 - > Monday and Wednesday Level 5/R -> Tuesday and Friday

Extra Mural Programmes 2023

Rinico Computerkids


Rinico Computers

Time: 12:30pm
Registration Fee: R150
Monthly: R180
Term: R480
Annual: - R1700




Time: 9:30am
Registration Fee: R70
Monthly: R140
Term: R340
Annual: - R1190



Time: 09:30am
The swim school is doing online applications only.
The link and information will be sent via WhatsApp



Soccer Starz

Time: 2pm
Registration Fee: R150
Monthly: R150
Term: - Annual: -

Speech and Drama


Speech and Drama

Time: 11:45am
Registration Fee: -
Monthly: -
Term: R340
Annual: -




Time: 1:45pm
Registration Fee: -
Monthly: -
Term: R515
Annual: -

Choose Boorhaanol to make every moment, every experience an opportunity for holistic growth!

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