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To order online, please click the link below
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If your prayer can't reach the masjid, please let your sadaqah reach us. You are invited to continue making donations to the masjid and the our soup kitchen.
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The Maghrjaan was initiated more than 10 years ago to cook food on the eve of Eid (Ou Labarang aand) in response to need of ensuring that our less fortunate brothers and sisters have a hot meal on the day of Eid.
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Help us to provide this much needed soup to more than 300 families for boeka time every day.
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Busy Bodies Show . All about our bodies. Interactive dance show.
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We would like to invite all parents to join us for an informal graduation and farewell ceremony. We wish to part on a high note with your child who has been part of our daily lives for at least one year and at most four years. The cost is R50 per parent. Each family is
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Parents and Grandparents welcome to join us! Please speak to the Class Teacher about any contributions to this event, shukran kathier.