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All praise and thanks are solely to our Creator for allowing the Boorhaanol team to complete the 4th and final volume of the Boeka Treats Series 500. It is said in jest that a truly balanced diet consists of a dessert in both hands. It is also no coincidence that the word “stressed” spelt backwards is “desserts”. Nothing soothes a hard day better than returning home knowing that there is a special sweet treat waiting for you. The aroma of Malva pudding welcoming you home on a winters day or an ice cold smoothie to quench your thirst on a hot summers day!

Boeka Treats Series 500 was launched in 2016 with the aim of presenting 500 recipes over 4 volumes with Savories & Soups (Vol 1), Biscuits, Breads & Cakes (Vol 2), Foods (Vol 3), and now Desserts (Vol 4). Boeka Treats Desserts has included 121 of the most popular, easy to make, ‘bake and take’ dessert recipes. If you are searching for an appropriate dessert for a thikr, bridal shower, birthday party or just a night at home with friends, we have it all in this volume of Boeka Treats. In days gone by the variety of desserts at Cape Muslim functions was rather limited and servings of potato pudding with stewed fruit as well as mince pie was the norm, commonly known as Poring & Pastei. Interestingly some desserts have a special association with an event, like milk tart at a doekmal(name-giving) or boeber on the 15th night of Ramadaan. Occasions like engagements, weddings, baby showers or birthday parties usually calls for desserts like trifles, fruit puddings, pavlovas and chocolate treats. The variety in the tastes and textures, the colourful jellies, the decorative fruits and the richness of the desserts signified the positive emotions of gratitude, joy, contentment and happiness felt by all. And as the years pass by we see how Boeka Treats recipes from 20 years ago have evolved into delicious combination desserts from a cheesecake and a brownie to a Cheesecake-Brownie or an éclair that is fried and not baked converted into trendy Churros dipped in cinnamon sugar and chocolate. So navigate your way through this book, simply decide whether you want to bake something in the oven or not. These are classified as Baked Desserts and No-bake Desserts. Further categories include Hot & Cold Beverages, Sweet Treats and Konfyts. All the recipes in the various categories are listed in the alphabetical order for ease of reference. Alhamdulillah over the past 20 years Boeka Treats has been welcomed with widespread enthusiasm and excitement. Its contents will delight future generations, with recipes that have been recorded for posterity, and recipes that will evolve and be reinvented for generations to come, InshaAllah. When the first Boeka Treats was launched in 1999 the aim was to not only document the traditional recipes of our previous generations, but also the latest recipes enjoyed and made today, given to you in a simple and flop-proof manner. We hope and trust that we have achieved this. We are truly grateful to the Almighty Allah for having granted us this opportunity. Furthermore we are most thankful to all those who were involved with Boeka Treats over the past 20 years. So as we bid farewell to our very loyal Boeka Treats connoisseurs we leave you with a promising and gratifying array of dessert recipes that will delight and tantalize even the most finicky palate. Whilst the cliché goes “all good things come to an end” we at Boeka Treats believe that this is just the start of many fulfilling and rewarding escapades in your kitchen. Wishing you the very best and never forget the Boeka Treats motto: “Everything in Moderation!”



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  7. Spice It Up - 120 Voortrekker Road. Goodwood - Tel: 021 591-4786. Hours -09h00 - 17h30
  8. Cape Spice Emporium - 176 Imam Haroun Road. Claremont - Tel: 021 683-5132. Hours - 09h00 - 17h00
  1. Masjidut Taqwa - (Faiza Samaai) - 18 Sauls Road. Gellvan Park. Port Elizabeth. 6020 - Tel. 063 284 4025
  1. Shaheda Loonat (Cape Treats)  - 18 Daintree Avenue. Durban. Kwazulu-Natal. 4001 - Tel. 082 383 6565
  1. Muhammad Noor Amod - 32 Pappegaisberg Avenue. Bosmont. Gauteng. 2093 - Tel. 083 256 6759


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